PENTA rental generators

We are a company engaged in the rental and service of power generators for continuous operation, as the main power source, as well as backup in case of power failure power plants.

Our units are placed in a special sound-absorbing containers, which makes it have a low noise level and do not emit harmful fumes. All units are equipped with switching and control panels so that we have a constant control of the measurement.

Customer units synchronize up to 4000 kVA.

Our employees have many years of experience in their work and the necessary powers, in accordance with applicable regulations.

We also offer a temporary supply infrastructure, ie. Cables, switchgears, cable invasions.

We serve:

  • cultural events, entertainment events
  • outdoor events
  • company events
  • film sets, advertising, music videos
  • TV productions
  • factories, industrial buildings, storage facilities
  • power failures

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